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Thomas Byrne Associates excels in matching qualified financial professionals with new career opportunities.

Our integrity, credibility and focus have earned us the trust and respect of financial professionals and leading companies throughout the Northeast.

So whether you’re seeking a new position or are looking to fill one, Thomas Byrne Associates is ready to help. Let’s begin the process.

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When you succeed,
we succeed.

Simply put, our job is to place you in a position where you can thrive, grow and realize your career ambitions. Unlike some placement agencies that simply paper the market with a candidate’s resume, we take a more rigorous approach.

We look at our viable candidates as partners. That’s why we spend a good deal of time getting to know you … your background, your strengths, your goals. We’ll provide you with a range of services designed to ensure your success:

  • Career Counseling
  • Interview Preparation
  • Coaching for Success
  • Resume Review and Critique
  • In-Depth Position Information
  • Market Compensation Data

We’re ready to help you reach your goals using the array of services we provide combined with our close connections with potential employers throughout the Northeast.  Because, when you succeed, we succeed.

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    • Controller

      If you thrive in a highly collaborative, mission-driven environment, we invite you to explore this Finance and Accounting Department leadership position. You will be working within an environment that requires a hands-on and strategic thinking leader. If you are a self-starter with an entrepreneurial mindset, this is a position you cannot ignore.

A prepared candidate
is a successful candidate.

Experience has taught us that your chance of success increases dramatically when you’re properly prepared. That’s why we use a comprehensive approach in making sure our candidates are ready when opportunities are presented to them.

  • We’ll ensure that your resume accurately reflects your experience.
  • We’ll work with you one-on-one to make sure we understand your goals and aspirations.
  • We’ll provide you with extensive interview preparation.
  • We’ll help you understand a potential employer’s management team and corporate culture.

When you are presented with an offer, we’ll make sure all your questions are answered and help you negotiate the best possible outcome.

All interactions you have with us will be kept in strict confidence. You’ll also retain complete control of the distribution of your resume; we will not share it with a client company without your approval. Your future employer will pay all placement fees.

With attention to detail, rigorous preparation, confidentiality, and honesty in how our candidates are presented, we’ve earned the highest respect from both our candidates and clients.

Looking to aim higher?
Talk with us first.

Financial Development Programs

Thomas Byrne Associates is a market leader in placing high-potential candidates in the Northeast’s most respected rotational Financial Development Programs (FDPs). These programs seek candidates who have already demonstrated exceptional drive, intellectual curiosity, technical accounting and financial skills, leadership, advanced interpersonal and communication skills, as well as advancement potential.

Typically, a successful participant in a FDP is a CPA and/or has an MBA, and has had two to seven years of solid work experience. As a participant, you will rotate through a variety of challenging experiences to build your background against specific competency models:

  • Business Leadership
  • Organizational Planning and Infrastructure
  • Change Agency
  • Acquisitions and Divestitures
  • Financial Reporting
  • Internal Audit
  • Accounting, Planning and Budgeting
  • Business Strategy
  • Other Executive Attributes

If you successfully complete a FDP, you can expect significant rewards:

  • Above-market Compensation
  • Competitive Base Salaries
  • Annual and Performance Bonuses
  • Stock Options and Grants
  • Visibility with Senior Management
  • Enhanced Promotion Opportunities

If you have an outstanding record of performance and are ready to meet the challenges of high-level corporate leadership, Thomas Byrne Associates can help you get where you want to go.

All the resources
you need to succeed.

We seek to provide our candidates with every advantage possible. In addition to the personalized approach provided by your team at Thomas Byrne Associates, the following links can provide you with a number of resources, tips and techniques to make your job search and interviewing easier and more effective.

Resume Tips for the Finance Professional
Cover Letters to Accompany Your Resume
Your One Page Interview Agenda
Interview Preparation
Researching Your Target Company
Interview Speed Tips
Interview FAQs
Thank You Letters Follow-up to Your Interview or Networking Meeting

Diana Sziabowski – Audit Manager at Travelers

I have had a great experience partnering with Thomas Byrne Associates in order to identify and obtain the right role for my re-entrance into full time work force after maternity leave. Tom recognized my strong career experience and educational background and presented multiple opportunities to me in the Hartford area. Tom’s connections, interview prep, listening skills and positive outlook were critical to a successful offer and acceptance for a role at Travelers, without penalty for my time off to raise a family. I would recommend Thomas Byrne Associates for accounting/finance professionals in the midst of job search, career counseling and also for employers looking for strong candidates. They have been in the recruiting business for decades, and I found their perspective and values to be fresh and accommodating of the current market.

Deb Cusimano – Controller at CMIC Group

Tom is a true talent. Effective and insightful in placing the right candidate with the right opportunity as he did with me! He took the time to go beyond my resume, understand my needs, goals and aspirations. He shared his deep knowledge of the company he represented so that I was equipped to make a decision to pursue the opportunity. Whether you are an employer seeking the perfect candidate or employee seeking just the right opportunity, Tom and his staff will help you find the perfect match!

Adam May – Assistant Controller at TRC

Tom was instrumental in helping me land my current role. Tom took the time to get to know the person behind the resume and present me as a well-rounded, qualified person to the company. Tom was extremely knowledgeable about his craft and was able to not only help me through the interview process, but was also highly motivated and influential in the contract negotiations. Tom truly puts your interests first and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a recruiter that will help them through their job search process.

Martin Morrissey – CFO at The Village for Families and Children

Tom was able to match my skills and experience with a perfect employer and went beyond my expectations by taking so much time to explain the culture and needs of the organization and how my abilities could prove worthy. Tom was more than a recruiter. He was a counselor and a problem solver who always put the needs of his client first, yet was very sensitive to the important communication protocols of the hiring process.

Kevin Duah – Manager at Landmark Partners

It was a great pleasure working with Tom. When we first connected, he immediately knew which organization would be the perfect fit based on my previous work experience, and what I was looking for. Tom kept in constant contact and kept me apprised throughout the entire process. He also prepared me for the interview and provided helpful insight. Tom is the ultimate professional, and really looks to place his clients at the right organizations. I highly recommend Tom to anyone looking for a new position, and I look forward to working with him again in the future.

Jennifer Hoyle – Senior Tax Analyst at The Hartford

Tom reached out to me and provided me with an amazing opportunity when looking for a new job. He selected options which catered to my job expertise. He also helped me during the interview process by practicing mock interviews.
I’m grateful to have had worked with Tom and certainly recommend his professional experience to anyone looking for a new position.

Albana Ndreau – Associate SOX Auditor at Webster Bank

It was a great honor and pleasure to work with Tom. Given the recruiting process was new to me, Tom patiently walked me through each step. Tom is very respectful, helpful, professional and dedicated throughout the entire process. During our discussions, he helped me understand and properly match my career needs, skills and lifestyle to the perfect opportunity, ultimately leading to a successful placement for an amazing firm. This recommendation is the least I can do to show my sincere appreciation, respect and gratitude for Tom and his team. I would highly recommend Tom and I look forward to working with him in the future.

Melinda Love – Senior Internal Auditor at Barnes Group

Tom was very helpful in my search for my next role. I was in a unique position where I was looking for job opportunities even though I wasn’t able to start for 4-5 months. Tom took the time to understand my skillset and what I was looking for in my next role. Based on Tom’s influential relationships, he was able to identify companies that would match my skillset and offer roles accepting my delayed availability. Tom’s influence and access made all the difference. I would highly recommend Tom to any accounting and finance professionals looking for a new position.

Paul Lagonigro – Director of Finance at HAI Group

Tom is truly the best recruiter I have worked with throughout my career. He took the time to understand my skills and career goals to ensure he recommended appropriate opportunities to explore. Tom provided me with valuable information and guidance throughout my entire search process. He did an outstanding job discussing each opportunity in detail, helping me prepare for interviews and providing valuable feedback during each stage of the process. I would highly recommend Tom and his team and look forward to working with him again in the future.

Brendan McCarthy, CPA – Manager of Financial Analysis at Prudential Financial

I had an excellent experience working with Tom. Tom and his team were easily accessible, prompt in response, and always professional. What I found most valuable in working with Tom was his focus on what I was really looking for in my next role and not only what potential positions he had available. Tom understood my goals and applied them to his extensive area network to match me with a great opportunity. I would highly recommend Tom and his team and would certainly go to him first for any future career moves.

Michael Prior, CPA – Corporate Auditor at Travelers

Tom went above and beyond in terms of getting to know me and the kind of job opportunities that were right for me. He is very knowledgeable about the market and put me in contact with a number of high-profile potential employers. Tom truly puts your interests first and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a recruiter that will help them through their job search process.

Matthew LaPointe, CPA – Corporate Audit Manager at Travelers

I have had a relationship with Tom for several years and he did a great job working with me to understand what I was looking for in the next step of my career. Tom really took the time to listen and use his experience and knowledge of the market to be able to provide me numerous job openings that sparked my interest. Tom was able to help take the stress off of me and answer a lot of questions that I had during the whole process. I highly recommend using Tom as a recruiter and look forward to staying in touch with him.

Patrick Geryk, CPA, CFE – Director of Financial Planning and Analysis at CleanSlate Centers

Tom was extremely helpful in placing me in my new position. He presented me with a variety of opportunities that matched my interests and needs. Tom made the application and interview process very easy on me by providing me with excellent coaching and insights throughout the process. I highly recommend Thomas Byrne Associates to anyone looking for new career opportunities. Thank you Tom!

John Darin, CPA – Controller at Catalina US Holdings

I’ve known Tom now for five years. He came highly recommended by several of my peers with whom he’s worked with and mentored in their careers. At each point in which we discussed my ambitions, Tom always had insight and options for a path forward. Tom approached me with opportunities that were relevant to my background and were well thought out. It was clear from our conversations that he put a lot of effort into learning about each position, understood what the company was looking for, and the opportunity for development. I look forward to working with Tom in the future when looking to bring on talented finance and accounting professionals.

Paul Middleton – CFO

I have worked with Tom for over 20 years as a recruiter. Tom has an amazing read of people and situations. On multiple occasions during my job searches in the past 20 years he has been instrumental at connecting me with great organizations that fit my criteria. In all cases it was with companies he had deep, long tenured relationships where he had placed many people and knew the organizations and their needs extremely well. He was incredibly supportive through the process and did a great job assuring the right communication mutually flowed between the hiring company and myself.

Vanessa Burns, CPA – FMLDP Graduate and AVP at Travelers

My experience with Tom was exceptional. He was everything I was looking for in a recruiter: professional, well-connected, and intuitive. Tom’s profound knowledge of the industry, the current marketplace, and the recruitment process is apparent and an enormous benefit to anyone working with him. He listened to what I wanted in a future job placement and delivered exactly that. His feedback and guidance during the interview process was invaluable and I enjoyed the process of finding a new job as much as the result of accepting a great position. I have recommended both family and friends to Tom, will continue to do so, and I very much look forward to working with him again in the future.

Lavanya Tadinada, CPA, CGMA – Director, Marketing Effectiveness at Aetna

Tom is one of the most intuitive and insightful persons I have ever met or worked with. Not only did he help me find a job that perfectly matched my skill set and capabilities, but he went above and beyond – he coached me on areas that I needed to work on. I found his advice very impactful and useful in my professional and day-to-day life.

Tom is very knowledgeable in Finance and Talent Management and it is this unique and powerful combination that distinguishes him from other recruiters. I think Tom does what most people fail to do – he LISTENS. He is GENUINELY interested in understanding you, your needs, your strengths and weaknesses.

Working with Tom has been a very enriching experience and I look forward to working with him in the future.

Jeffrey Beecher – Director of the Financial Leadership Program at Aetna

It was an absolute pleasure working with Tom over the past few months. He handled every interaction and engagement with the utmost professionalism, respect and efficacy. Tom has incredibly strong business acumen, in addition to exceptional interpersonal skills and the ability to extrapolate what one’s key strengths are. Throughout my discussions with Tom, I gained better transparency into my core competencies, and as a result I was able to direct my interviews into focusing on those areas. This allowed me to better portray my capabilities and make a stronger impression, ultimately leading to a successful placement for an amazing opportunity.

Lianna Jackter – Director of the Financial Leadership Program at Aetna

Tom was a pleasure to work with as he helped place me into my latest role at a new company. He is polite, attentive and all around he really cares about you as his client. He is well prepared each time you speak, and he helps you prepare for interviews by giving you insightful information ahead of time. He is on your side for the entire journey and he gives great advice. I would absolutely recommend working with Tom for your next career move.

Bill Kennedy, CPA – Director at HIMCO

I had a great experience working with Tom. Tom took the time to understand what I was looking for in a future job and did not try to sell me on other jobs that I was not interested in. Tom was there providing guidance during every phase of the recruitment process; from tips on my resume to preparing for the interview. I enjoyed working with Tom and have recommended him to friends and family. I look forward to working with him again in the future.

Dominick Baraiolo, CPA, CISA – Assistant Director Management Advisory Services at The Hartford

I worked with Carmela when searching for a new job. Carmela was very patient and took the time to meet with me in person to understand the type of position I would be interested in. Over the next few weeks she continued to provide very timely updates of opportunities in the market place. I was most impressed by Carmela’s relationships with senior level managers in various companies in the Hartford area as well as her knowledge about company (e.g. their culture, the types of candidate they were looking to hire, etc.) I strongly recommend working with Carmela if you are considering a career change or are looking to fill an open position.

Brian Gineo – Director of the Financial Leadership Program at Aetna

I have had the pleasure of working with Tom over the past few months and it has been a very rewarding experience. Tom took a process, which was otherwise foreign to me, and walked me through each detailed step of the way. I was and continue to be impressed by Tom’s professionalism, dedication and service. I would recommend Tom’s to anyone looking for placement into an accounting or financial role.

Lauren Rosenberg, CPA – Financial Leadership Program Graduate at Cigna

I had a wonderful experience with Tom. He really took the time to get to know who I was and what I was looking for in my career. Together we discussed various placement options, and refined my resume. He understood what the company was looking for and prepped me to handle every aspect of the interview process. Tom kept in constant contact with me through each step of the interview process and even researched the latest announcements the company made. I truly enjoyed working for Tom and would not hesitate to recommend him to friends and family in the future.

Whitney Matthies – Treasury Analyst at White Mountains Advisors

It was a pleasure to work with Carmela! I was very impressed by her honesty as well as her commitment to my search. Carmela invested the time to understand my skills and goals to match me with the right employer in the right position. She truly had my best interests in mind. The resume revisions, advice and interview coaching from Carmela gave me confidence that I was putting my best foot forward and that I was as prepared as possible. I would absolutely recommend her services to anyone seeking new employment.

Donna Grenier, CPA – CT TyMetrix

Carmela is an exceptionally professional and astute recruiter who comes with a strong track record. I have used Carmela’s services when searching for new roles for myself as well as for hiring. Carmela devotes a significant amount of time listening to candidates and employers so that she can successfully balance their others needs and find an ideal match. In addition, Carmela invests considerable time in the candidates she represents by offering pre-interview preparation and post interview follow up. These extra efforts help candidates attend interviews with confidence and continue to build and improve skills to exercise in future interviews. I can easily recommend Carmela’s expertise to anyone who is searching for a job or who is searching for the ideal candidate for an open position.

Michael Parillo, CPA – Audit Manager at PwC

Tom was thoughtful, thorough and very helpful in my search for a new career. He helped in all steps of my search from fine-tuning my resume to preparing for the interview and in negotiations. Unlike other recruiters I’ve worked with in the past that brought any job I was qualified for to me, Tom put a lot of thought into it. He only presented jobs that he knew I would be interested in. He wasn’t just interested in getting me a job…he was interested in helping me find the right job for my skill set and career goals. I would recommend Tom to my friends/family and will definitely contact him if I ever find myself looking for a job in the future.


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To our clients, we’re more
than just a placement agency.

When you have a job opening, many placement agencies can help you find bodies. We’ll help you find qualified candidates that will match the job and your organization, perfectly.

In addition to the requirements of the position you seek to fill, we strive to thoroughly understand both your business strategy and culture.

Our personalized approach to working with our candidates ensures that you’ll be presented with qualified professionals who have been pre-screened and checked for references, background, salary requirements and career objectives.

More importantly, our understanding of your needs will enable us to present candidates who we believe will be receptive to what you offer and highly successful in your corporate culture.

Thomas Byrne Associates has enjoyed nearly 30 years of success in meeting the financial and accounting staffing needs of a wide range of companies throughout the Northeast. We offer outstanding service, complete confidentiality, and an extensive network of highly qualified candidates. It’s no wonder, then, that our clients regard us as more than just a placement agency.

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We make it easy  to add
the best talent to your team.

We’re dedicated to providing firms throughout the Northeast with the best financial and accounting talent available.

We maintain an extensive network of known candidates, as well as client and applicant referrals. We also use a variety of long successful, as well as emerging search methods to offer you the widest possible choice of individuals who have both the talent and personality to mesh perfectly with your organization.

By understanding your requirements, pre-qualifying our candidates, and offering you a choice of five staffing delivery models, we make it easy to add new talent to your team.

Staffing Delivery Models

Direct Hire, Contingency Fee Staffing

We will work closely with you to truly understand your specific needs – the requirements of the positions you seek to fill, as well as your corporate culture, business strategies, objectives and more. We understand that your time is valuable. That’s why all our candidates are thoroughly screened, vetted and prepared before you’re asked to invest time in interviewing them. You can be sure that our candidates will meet or exceed your standards.

Retained Search

When you seek to fill senior positions, have confidential situations, wish to launch a new initiative, or need to quickly bring on a number of strategic hires, a Retained Search can be an excellent option.

Mr. Byrne has an impressive record in serving clients who require a Retained Search. He will work on your assignment exclusively and partner with you to understand and meet your specific needs.

With creative Retained Search contracts that create leverage and results for our clients in a competitive employment market, we have achieved win-win outcomes for all parties involved.

Temporary Staffing

In reaction to many requests from our clients, Thomas Byrne Associates launched a Temporary Staffing service in 1999.

As with our other service lines, we screen each candidate thoroughly, so you can be assured that you will be presented with only qualified, credentialed and dependable candidates.

Our clients find that the “temps” we provide perform at a very high level, eliminating the churn and upheaval that can result when temporary hires are not adequately vetted.

Temp to Hire

If there are uncertainties or potential delays in the authorization to add staff, Temp to Hire can be an ideal option. You’ll have an opportunity to try out candidates without having to make long-term commitments. You can structure the contract with a pre-described trial period. We also offer a tiered fee structure that provides flexibility.

Payroll Transfer

If you already know which individual (or individuals) can fill your short-term or project staffing needs, our Payroll Transfer service can offer an ideal solution.

With Payroll Transfer, Thomas Byrne Associates becomes the employer of record and assumes all fiduciary responsibility for the individual (or individuals) hired. There are significant benefits to this solution:

  • No costs for background checks, or adding interim employees to your payroll system
  • No need to issue or account for 1099s
  • No added insurance coverage for workers’ compensation or professional liability
  • No unemployment claims or increases to your unemployment experience rate or taxes

There are no conversion fees for our Payroll Transfer services, and we offer fair and competitive rates on a case-by-case basis.

If you’d like more information about any of our Staffing Delivery Models, please contact us to begin the conversation. We look forward to building a successful partnership with you.

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Galo Rodriguez – President & CEO of The Village For Families and Children

I am happy to recommend Thomas Byrne Associates for any financial and accounting searches. We retained Tom on our CFO search due to his acumen and approach, vast connections, operating reputation and history of success. Over a decade ago, Tom completed our previous CFO search. In that search, we landed a hugely successful professional who won CFO of the Year in our marketplace. Now a new CFO joins our team and Tom made sure of his culture fit, skills inventory, market reputation and ability to advance our CFO function. Tom and his team are a pleasure to work with. They are professional, timely, honest and open in all communications and able to assist at any point along the search cycle. Thank you to Tom Byrne and his team.

Jonathon Dussault – Chief Financial Officer @ Evolution1

I have had the pleasure of working with Tom Byrne and his team of experienced professionals for almost 15 years. It has been a true partnership. I’ve worked with the team throughout my career as a direct hire candidate, a direct hire employer customer, a consumer of temporary placement services, and payroll transfer services. In each case, Tom and his team have exceeded expectations and aligned me and my team with quality professionals. This has been instrumental to building a high-class, extremely talented finance organization poised for growth and success. Tom and his team have earned my respect and will continue to deserve the service opportunities that will come their way as my organization continues to grow.

Steven J Sigal – Chief Financial Officer at Connecticut Health Insurance Exchange d/b/a Access Health CT

I have worked with Tom several times in my career to assist in finding the right candidate for positions in my organization. Each time Tom found a superior candidate for the position whatever the requirements were. He is easy to talk with and have discussions with about qualifications and in every instance he found multiple superior candidates with those qualifications. Tom most recently delivered a top flight Controller for my current organization. Tom is always ready to work with you under any circumstances.

Thurman Justice, CPA – Chief Financial Officer at Senior Whole Health

I’ve worked with Tom for over a decade to fill a wide range of roles from temporary positions to key strategic leadership hires. Tom has consistently demonstrated a superior ability to understand my business and the critical skills and competencies required for candidates to be successful. Tom takes the time to gain a clear understanding of my business and organization to ensure both the client and candidate are appropriately matched. I believe Tom is a unique partner who invests his time, gives candid advice and provides a level of service unmatched in this space.

I also use Tom as a personal advisor whom I trust; I value his perspective and valuable experience. I would strongly recommend Tom. He provides high-quality and focused service that yields the right candidates (not just resume flow). Or if you are looking for a career opportunity Tom has the experience and knowledge of the market to help guide you to your next big challenge.

Robert Hughes – Healthcare Financial Executive

I have known Tom for over twenty years and found him to be one of the most diligent and focused recruiters that I have ever worked with. Tom was an instrumental adviser in the design, formation and launch of CIGNA’s Financial Development Program; a leadership development program for high potential financial talent. He then went on to be the “go to” recruiter for sourcing and recruiting financial talent to CIGNA. More than any other recruiter that I have ever worked with, Tom has been effective at defining his target market and then focusing solely on that niche without getting distracted. His success in placing high potential accounting and financial professionals is unparalleled in the market. It is that focus, coupled with unquestioned integrity that has made Tom such a trusted adviser to me over the years.

Jeff Goddard – COO, Head of Business Operations Meritain Health (an Aetna Company) at Aetna

I’ve worked with Tom for about 15 years (both in hiring support and in my own placement.) Tom is a trusted colleague and adviser who I know I can count on for high quality results. I highly recommend Tom and his team.

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If you would like to receive more information about working with Thomas Byrne Associates, or speak with a member of our team about our placement services, please use the contact information below.

Mail: Thomas Byrne Associates
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Tel: 860 676-2468
Fax: 860 676-0272
Email: info@thomasbyrne.com

You can also attach a job description you would like to discuss with our team by using the form below.

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    About Us

    A unique approach to bringing people and jobs together.

    thomas-byrne-fullIn 1985, Tom Byrne recognized the need for a recruitment firm dedicated to helping high-potential accounting and financial professionals realize their career aspirations.

    With an extensive knowledge of the skills required to succeed in the financial community – plus a commitment to service and professionalism – Tom has built the firm he founded almost 30 years ago into a respected and trusted resource for candidates and clients alike.

    Qualified candidates benefit from a respectful, highly personalized approach that doesn’t just find them a new job; it finds them the right job.

    Clients understand that we don’t just bring them a new employee; we bring them the right employee.

    Tom is a Certified Personal Consultant (CPC) who is recognized nationally for his commitment and service to the personnel industry. With Thomas Byrne Associates, he’s built a team that shares his commitment, integrity, and focus as well as his unique approach to bringing people and jobs together.

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