Your Online Presence and Your Professional Representation

by Thomas Byrne Associates | January 5, 2023

Social Media Online PresenceThere are many steps that are common knowledge when preparing for an interview.  For example, we were all taught to dress professionally, deliver a firm handshake upon arrival and send thank you notes post interview.  However, there is a crucial step that has evolved to be equally as important. During the preparation phase be sure to check your online presence.  A prominent strategy employers utilize to “get to know you” prior to your interview, is to simply Google your name.  There is nothing worse than an employer having a predisposition of you because of an intoxicated Vegas escapade captured by pictures posted on your Instagram account.

According to the, there are 5 key components employers look for when they Google you.  1.

  • An appealing personality– Utilize your social media platforms to display your positive attitude and relationships. Convey yourself as a charismatic, well-liked and intellectual individual.  The ability to network is a desired quality amongst employers.
  • Affiliations– Associate yourself with appropriate groups and networks. Following groups such as 420 Hippies or Frat Party Boys will hinder you when it comes to the selection process. Be sure to make wise connections that portray you in a positive manner.
  • A consistent public persona– Go through your social media pages and delete or edit anything you wouldn’t want an employer to be influenced by.  Employers want to be reassured they are hiring an individual with a good head on their shoulders. This presents to them that you are thoughtful and responsible enough to clean up the so called garbage.
  • Feature the mature adult you are– While not every aspect of your life should be hidden, it is necessary to highlight your sophisticated interests. Present yourself in a mature light. Rather than displaying photos from the Video Game Convention, display photos of traveling, or from the 5k you recently completed.  Who knows, this may also give your employer a similar interest to connect upon!
  • Regulate public values– Stay away from posting any extreme political or religious centered ideas. Don’t come off too strong!  You wouldn’t want to give the employer ammo to not hire you because they have conflicting ideology.  Find balance.

It is critical to understand the hiring strategies of employers nowadays.  Change how you are perceived online by cleaning up your social media pages.


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