We make it easy  to add
the best talent to your team.

We’re dedicated to providing firms throughout the Northeast with the best financial and accounting talent available.

We maintain an extensive network of known candidates, as well as client and applicant referrals. We also use a variety of long successful, as well as emerging search methods to offer you the widest possible choice of individuals who have both the talent and personality to mesh perfectly with your organization.

By understanding your requirements, pre-qualifying our candidates, and offering you a choice of five staffing delivery models, we make it easy to add new talent to your team.

Staffing Delivery Models

Direct Hire, Contingency Fee Staffing

We will work closely with you to truly understand your specific needs – the requirements of the positions you seek to fill, as well as your corporate culture, business strategies, objectives and more. We understand that your time is valuable. That’s why all our candidates are thoroughly screened, vetted and prepared before you’re asked to invest time in interviewing them. You can be sure that our candidates will meet or exceed your standards.

Retained Search

When you seek to fill senior positions, have confidential situations, wish to launch a new initiative, or need to quickly bring on a number of strategic hires, a Retained Search can be an excellent option.

Mr. Byrne has an impressive record in serving clients who require a Retained Search. He will work on your assignment exclusively and partner with you to understand and meet your specific needs.

With creative Retained Search contracts that create leverage and results for our clients in a competitive employment market, we have achieved win-win outcomes for all parties involved.

Temporary Staffing

In reaction to many requests from our clients, Thomas Byrne Associates launched a Temporary Staffing service in 1999.

As with our other service lines, we screen each candidate thoroughly, so you can be assured that you will be presented with only qualified, credentialed and dependable candidates.

Our clients find that the “temps” we provide perform at a very high level, eliminating the churn and upheaval that can result when temporary hires are not adequately vetted.

Temp to Hire

If there are uncertainties or potential delays in the authorization to add staff, Temp to Hire can be an ideal option. You’ll have an opportunity to try out candidates without having to make long-term commitments. You can structure the contract with a pre-described trial period. We also offer a tiered fee structure that provides flexibility.

Payroll Transfer

If you already know which individual (or individuals) can fill your short-term or project staffing needs, our Payroll Transfer service can offer an ideal solution.

With Payroll Transfer, Thomas Byrne Associates becomes the employer of record and assumes all fiduciary responsibility for the individual (or individuals) hired. There are significant benefits to this solution:

  • No costs for background checks, or adding interim employees to your payroll system
  • No need to issue or account for 1099s
  • No added insurance coverage for workers’ compensation or professional liability
  • No unemployment claims or increases to your unemployment experience rate or taxes

There are no conversion fees for our Payroll Transfer services, and we offer fair and competitive rates on a case-by-case basis.

If you’d like more information about any of our Staffing Delivery Models, please contact us to begin the conversation. We look forward to building a successful partnership with you.